Meet the teams

It has been a tough choice, as the Jury has been going through more than 300 Challenge applications!

But as everything else, it has now come to an end, and we proudly announce the new Challengers, hoping they follow in the footsteps of last year’s winner BellaBeat - that just raised 4,5M.

If you haven’t been selected as one of the finalists, don’t worry, you can still join them on stage as a winner of Shift Startup Alley Contest! In order to participate, hurry up and get your Startup Alley Package as soon as possible. The Package can be bought on our official website and it gives you the opportunity to get on stage by winning  the hearts of the visitors on June 5 & 6. The company chosen as the best startup by our visitors will get the opportunity to present themselves in front of more than 1000 people, including representatives of Y Combinator, Techstars, Mashable, Entreprenure, TechCrunch and The Nextweb!

Here are the finalists of Shift Challenge:

Agrivi (Croatia)

Assemblio (Croatia)

blckapp (USA)

Bridgemee (Sweden)

Conyac (Japan)

Dreamups (Netherlands) (Estonia)

Instabank (Czech Republic)

Keemotion (USA)

Movym (Italy)

Naymit (Slovenia)

Pitchswag Ltd (UK)

Prove (USA)

Storygami (UK)

Stylend (USA)

Testdome (Croatia) (Slovakia)

Ultrasonic Audio(Slovenija)

VIA (Andivi) (Slovenia)

Warrantly (Serbia)

Zealify (USA)

Zizooboats (Austria)


We kindly thank our General Sponsors Splitsko-dalmatinska zupanija and Vip, as well as our Premium Partner IMC, Local Banking Partner Splitska Banka and our Premium Partner US Embassy and many others. Thank you for making Shift happen!

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