Stan Schroeder of Mashable yet another name amongst confirmed speakers

Stan Schroeder, European Editor of Mashable, is yet another name amongst confirmed speakers who will appear on stage of this year’s edition of Shift Conference in Split.

Interested in writing for a global audience he started his (now existing only as archive) blog, FranticIndustries, and he also co-founded (and subsequently sold), a simple tool for determining the hosting provider of any website.


He has been a pro IT journalist in Croatia for over six years, having written, among numerous other publications, for the biggest local IT paper magazine Bug as well as one of the biggest local web portals,


He lives in Zagreb, Croatia, and spends his free time pursuing his many interests, which include speaking at conferences, startups, mobile development, cryptography, collecting band t-shirts, tinkering with gadgets and hardware and generally leading a frantic lifestyle.